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Rainy, cold weather brings ants out of their nests and into your house! We’ll rid your home of carpenter ants, black ants, fire ants, and sugar ants.

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Our experienced Sacramento pest control team is knowledgeable in the latest and most effective technologies and products for eliminating and prevent ant infestations. We offer a range of services, including green pest control and environmentally-friendly pest control solutions, professional inspection and reporting services, and fast-acting, effective eradication of ant colonies.
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    As Summer Ends Ants Get Busy

    The Argentine ant is an invasive species introduced to California almost a century ago.  Lacking natural enemies, these ants have taken over large areas of the state, wiping out other native species and becoming one of the most common ants we see today. This...

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    Late Summer Pest Problems

    Firing up the barbecue and enjoying our backyard is what comes to mind when we think of summer.  Unfortunately summer fun time can also be summer pest time.  While you’re enjoying your backyard, bugs and other pests can be lurking about trying to find their way into...

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    The Office Pest

    Just about any type of pest can fly, crawl, or hitchhike into your office building.  Sanitation and exclusion play a big role in controlling pest activity in an office environment or commercial property. Ants During the summer and fall, when they find it difficult to...

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