Just about any type of pest can fly, crawl, or hitchhike into your office building.  Sanitation and exclusion play a big role in controlling pest activity in an office environment or commercial property.


During the summer and fall, when they find it difficult to forage food from outside, ants will often come indoors.  Irrigation or rain can also drive ants indoors to escape flooded conditions.  Ants will look for even the smallest source of food, feasting on the crumbs leftover from the morning doughnuts in the office.

Fruit Flies

Can be found buzzing around office lunch/break room trash cans including un-rinsed recycling.  Fruit flies feed on yeasts present on ripe fruits or vegetables, food scraps, and sugary liquids.

Pantry Pests

These insects easily spread to other parts of the building.  Pests like beetles and moths that lay eggs in cereal, nuts, crackers, and even chocolate.  They can show up later when uneaten snacks are left in a drawer for months and those snacks contain beetle or moth eggs.

Fungus Gnats

Annoyingly may fly around your head and face while you are trying to work at your computer.  If you encounter them, look for the most likely culprit – overwatered plants.  Fungus gnats are attracted to any size plant, large or small that is moist enough to support fungus.


These insects can get into buildings by slipping under doorways, entering through underground parking structures, or hitching a ride in boxes or equipment.  If you see roaches, don’t spray or use a fogger.  Cockroaches are nocturnal, so if you see one during the day there’s a very good chance you have a serious infestation, so call in a professional.

Rats & Mice

Can squeeze under doors or into holes the size of a nickel.  They will eat almost anything including paper, fabric, and plastic.  Not only are these pests disgusting, leaving feces and urine behind, but they are also destructive.  They can chew into walls, make nests out of papers or other materials.  Rats can fit through a ½” opening and a mouse can fit through ¼” opening.

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