Firing up the barbecue and enjoying our backyard is what comes to mind when we think of summer.  Unfortunately summer fun time can also be summer pest time.  While you’re enjoying your backyard, bugs and other pests can be lurking about trying to find their way into your home.  There are quite a few pests that are a problem this time of year.  Some of them may seem obvious, but others maybe not so much.  Some common summer pests include:

Flies – They love the warmth and picnics as much as we do.  Since there’s a lot more outdoor eating and food either on our plate or in the garbage, the flies are very active.  Food left out in warm conditions rots more rapidly and creates the perfect environment for flies, their eggs, and their newborns (maggots) and can potentially create an infestation situation at your home.

Ticks – In the summer months, ticks climb to the tops of tall grasses and wave their legs around waiting for something (or someone) to latch onto.  They can cling onto pets, clothing, or the fur of animals.  The tick feeds by sucking the blood of the host it has latched onto, then it will set out to breed again.  Since people and pets are outdoors more often in the summer months there is more likelihood of encountering ticks.

Stinging Pests – including bees, wasps, and hornets.  Stinging pests are very active in the warm months and often build their nests close to, on, or even inside our homes.   These pests will vigorously defend their nests if they feel threatened.  As people are outdoors more often in the summer there is more of a chance for a family member to come across one of these nests, so it’s important to clear them away as quickly as possible.

Pigeons – Pretty in the park maybe, but not at your home or business.  Pigeons leave their droppings everywhere.  These droppings are not just messy and icky, they also contain uric acid which is extremely corrosive.  Pigeon droppings can be the direct cause thousands of dollars in damage to buildings where they roost.

Ants – They come out in the spring and are active all summer long.  You often see pavement ants busily scurrying across your driveway.  Even though you don’t often see ants inside much this late in the summer because they are concentrating all of their efforts on foraging for their queen, there’s no rule that says they won’t find their way in if they sense food.

Bed Bugs – You may not think about bed bugs as a summer pest, but in fact now is the time to stay on guard.  Bed bugs are one of the most common pests found in hotel rooms and since so many families travel during the summer months, the chance of bringing some unwanted guests home is a very real possibility.

Pests bumming out your summer?   Earth Guard Pest Services can assist you by identifying the problem pests, assessing the best way to eliminate them and prevent future invasions, and help you decide upon the right combination of pest control services for your household or business.

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