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Feral pigeons damage property, endanger health and safety, and create an unsightly, unsanitary mess! Let our experienced pigeon control technicians determine the most cost-effective and reliable techniques to protect your home or business from pigeons.

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    Why you should get rid of Pigeons

    Pigeons may seem harmless, but these pest birds cause millions of dollars in damage every year to buildings, ventilation systems, machinery, statues, roofs, and much more.  Bird droppings and nesting materials left by pigeons pose physical problems and health hazards...

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    Late Summer Pest Problems

    Firing up the barbecue and enjoying our backyard is what comes to mind when we think of summer.  Unfortunately summer fun time can also be summer pest time.  While you’re enjoying your backyard, bugs and other pests can be lurking about trying to find their way into...

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    Pigeons, Rats with Wings?

    Though they may look cute from a park bench, pigeons are filthy birds.  Like rats they carry diseases and can cause damage.  In addition to being unsightly and stinky, droppings from pigeons can damage buildings, statues, equipment, and other outdoor structures.  ...

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