The Argentine ant is an invasive species introduced to California almost a century ago.  Lacking natural enemies, these ants have taken over large areas of the state, wiping out other native species and becoming one of the most common ants we see today. This aggressive insect routinely invades human households, when you spot ants scurrying across your floor, it’s likely an Argentine ant.

ants in a trail

Late summer is Argentine ant season in California.  It’s when they are on the move, hunting for food, invading kitchens, bathrooms, and businesses.  The ants are not in sync with the native flora and fauna of California, where most everything native has bloomed and died.  The hills are a dusty brown and most native ants and insects lie low.  Not the Argentines, they are on the move, hungry, and hunting. Hopefully not in your kitchen.

While ants will sneak into your home to avoid the searing heat of late summer, ant invasions become even more frequent as the temperature starts to drop, and the weather turns rainy. Once ants are present in large numbers, they can be exceptionally difficult to eliminate. Inspection and identification of the type of ant is critical to effective treatment—and may be an argument for calling on a trained pest control professional rather than depending on a can of spray and a prayer.

For customers who choose a “green” pest control solution, which most often involves placing baits that the ants carry back to their colonies, follow-up monitoring, refilling of bait stations and re-inspection are required, and it usually takes longer to be completely ant-free.

If you walk into your kitchen to see a trail of ants across the floor and up your cabinet doors, here are some immediate steps to take—instead of grabbing for a can of bug spray:

If ants have been attracted by a food source, locate the source, remove it and clean the area thoroughly.

  • Clean the trail with soapy water or spray cleaner and wipe up or vacuum up ants.
  • Try to determine where the ants have entered your home, and caulk the opening or plug it with petroleum jelly.

With the rainy season upon us, ants from your yard or garden will be looking for ways into your warm, dry home. Take a look around your foundation, doors and windows; check around spas, storage sheds and garbage cans. Take quick action to prevent ants from moving in for the winter!

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