Cockroach on whiteProbably one of the most widely known and most unwelcome pests that people encounter in their homes and businesses is the cockroach. The topic of children’s songs, the headliner in horror movies and a frequent guest on reality game shows, the cockroach is the last thing a person wants to see scurrying across their kitchen floor when the light flicks on.

Luckily, there are some simple methods one can employ to help manage and deter the presence of cockroaches. The following is some quick and easy guidelines to help keep those cockroaches out of our homes and to keep them…well, wherever cockroaches naturally occur…we’re sure there’s a National Geographic episode on them somewhere.


As with all pests, keeping a clean and tidy environment will dramatically reduce the risk of attracting and housing cockroaches to begin with. Keeping your home clutter free reduces the likelihood of creating warm, dark places where cockroaches flourish. Routine cleaning and proper storage of food items; including proper disposal of food containers, wrappers and other food debris, will make your space a less attractive place for cockroaches to nest.


There are several types of effective cockroach bait that can be bought at almost any local grocery store. Cockroach bait tends to be more user friendly than some insecticides and sprays as it is usually pre-packaged with little to no assembly required and can simply be placed and left. Effective use of the bait is the key player in this equation. Proper use of cockroach bait means understanding your target. As cockroaches tend to congregate in bathrooms and kitchens these are the areas where you will want to focus your attention. Stationing several in and around your kitchen (under sinks, beside stoves, behind refrigerators, and beside garbage cans, etc.) will help narrow the playing field when it comes to combating the cockroach. Placing a few under sinks and in other dark, moist areas of your house (i.e. the bathroom) can help to prevent them from becoming a literal roach motel.

Boric Acid

A cheap and effective method of cockroach termination includes the use of boric acid. By applying a light dusting of this powder in heavily trafficked areas (usually where two surfaces meet i.e. floor and wall, stove and floor, ceiling and wall) allows the cockroaches to have the boric acid become affixed to their bodies. When the boric acid becomes ingested via the preening process, the cockroach is quickly eliminated. Additionally, as boric acid is not a natural deterrent to pests, cockroaches will not be repelled by the texture or smell and will therefore not pass on the news that the boric acid is actual lethal.

Follow Up

Cockroaches are a year round pest, not having a particular season in which they flourish more than any other. This being the case, the threat of cockroach encroachment is ever present. Keeping a clean area and maintaining a supply of cockroach termination methods can help to prevent infestation of our homes and our places of work. It is important establish a habit of checking and resetting baits and traps to maintain a clean and cockroach free environment.

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