It’s beginning to look a lot like…spring time! Which means lawn mowing, cleaning out the garage and of course the ever needed, yet somehow never completed, spring cleaning. In the midst of all of this hustle and bustle of the air-out-your-house season, it is important that one does not get lackadaisical on the war against pests.

Here are a few battle ready tips that you can use to help keep your home safe during the spring onslaught of pesky critters.

1.       Secure the Perimeter

Keeping a clean outside area helps deter pests from making the gradual migration into your home. Properly removing lawn trimmings and leaves can reduce the likelihood that pests can set up shop right under your nose, to eventually move indoors into your living area. Making sure items such as firewood and other household equipment is stored away from the sides of your home and in storage compartments like sheds and detached garages will keep your house out of the spotlight for would be pests. In addition to clearing yard waste, making sure standing, stagnant water is off of your property can quickly eliminate a potential breeding ground for disease carrying pests like flies and mosquitoes.

2.       Defending the Castle – Man the Gate

The best defense is a good offense. But a good defense is still that – a good defense. Any form of pest needs to be able to get into the home somehow – whether it is hitching a ride on luggage or sneaking across the threshold itself, making sure that possible entry points for pests are minimal will greatly reduce the likelihood of one breaching your castle walls.

Step One: Inspect your Entry Points. Are your doors properly sealed? Keeping a proper seal in a door way is not only a money saving device helping to keep your energy bill low but is also a great defense from pests welcoming themselves into your home through the front door. Are windows adequately secure? Cleaning window seals is a great opportunity to check for any cracks or holes where tiny intruders can penetrate your defenses.

Step Two: Repair and Reseal. Any weaknesses in your castle wall (the entry points on our home) should be noted and repaired/resealed immediately. From screen doors to drafty attics – knowing all possible points of entry that a pest could sneak in is vital to your home security. A quick trip to your local hardware store can secure you with all the supplies necessary to keep your home in lockdown mode.

Step Three: Go the Extra Mile – Plan Ahead. To beat a criminal you have to think like a criminal – no matter how smooth or sneaky. Or at least that’s how the saying goes. The same idea can apply to pests. Where are areas of defense that a savvy bug could navigate? Is your front porch clean and damage free? What about under your porch? Is there a way to enclose it to prevent skunks or raccoon from making their nests under your house? When was the last time your gutters were cleaned? A few moments to consider possible weakness in your line of defense can save you hundreds of dollars in exterminator bills later.

3.       On the Home Front

Spring cleaning can be a hassle, but sorting through old storage containers and cardboard boxes can greatly reduce the areas that pests can seek for refuge. Taking the time to clear out unused materials in your home frees up space for your family to actually use and actively live in. In addition to getting rid of unused goods and waste, spring cleaning can also help others. Spring is garage sale season – so take a moment to make a little extra cash in the throes of your fight against pests or donate to a local thrift store.

4.       Batten Down the Hatches

All pests need at least two items to survive. Shelter and food. Keeping the food supply to a minimum is a great way to starve out your unwanted guests. If you are not wanting a sweet serenade from pesky pests, store food in sealed containers to eliminate easy access. Routine cleaning is also the perfect way to keep the threat of pests at bay. Regular cleaning of kitchen areas like sinks, stoves, cupboards and floors is a sure fire way of eradicating any stray bits of food or waste that pests can find to bring back to their nests.

5.       Routine Sweeps

As with all good battle plans, one must make every effort to enforce them. Spring time is a the perfect time to get out and enjoy the weather and enjoy spending time with family and friends, but a little extra effort to keep your home front safe against the barrage of bugs and other pests will keep your family smiling that much longer. Take time to check and recheck your defenses every few weeks to make keep the pests out and the happy in.

6.       Locked and Loaded 

If all else fails, it is always good to have a contingency plan. Call for back up. For more information about spring time pests and how you can prevent or eliminate infestations in your home, contact our trained Sacramento pest control professionals at 916-457-7605.