The first signs of a rat infestation may appear in your yard or garden before the critters have moved indoors. Once they move into your yard, they will eventually move inside, so it’s preferable to catch them early. Common signs of rat activity outdoors include:

    • Droppings near pet food containers or dishes or recycling bins;
    • Nest materials in wood piles or brush piles;
    • Burrows near compost heaps or garbage containers;

  • Signs of digging under fences, sheds or doghouses;
  • The sight of a rat traveling utility lines or fence tops at dusk;
  • Rat carcasses in your outdoor pool or hot tub or dragged to the door by your family dog or cat.

Indoors, you may hear noises coming from your attic, especially at dusk or dawn, or discover a nest inside drawers or behind boxes in your garage, or you may see smudges along walls, pipes or rafters.

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