Head lice may not be the first pest or insect that comes to mind when you think of pest control, but they definitely need to be controlled if they find their way into your home. Lice are usually found on and in the hair and skin of humans. They bite the skin to drink blood similar to mosquito’s and can cause allergic reactions that generally manifest as moderate to severe itching.

Lice are about the size of a small sesame or poppy seed and lay their eggs in the hair. Even when they are in your hair it may take several weeks for the itching sensation to develop.

Bites are obvious if you are looking closely and can be more noticeable if you move your hair to the side. We recommend using a comb to check, and also behind the ears and around the nape of the neck.

Bites are generally harmless with the exception of the itching they cause, but constant scratching can lead infections because of germs being introduced to small cuts.

Lice are most commonly transferred by close contact with someone who is already infested. Sharing pillows and hats may help spread lice, but the most common way is actually head to head contact.

If you or a family member is unlucky enough to become infested with lice, visit your doctor or pharmacist immediately and they will provide you with a medicated shampoo. Also, wash all sheets, clothes, and hats in hot water.

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