My next-door neighbor is going to have his house treated for termites. Are the termites going to attack my house next?

The answer to this and lots of other questions about termites can be found at The Termite Institute website, http://www.termiteinstitute.com.

The Termite Institute is a program developed by the experts at TermidorĀ® termiticide/insecticide, a product that Earth Guard uses where appropriate, and that has revolutionized termite prevention and control.

The website is full of great information about how to identify a termite infestation, steps you can take to avoid an infestation, how to locate and hire a creditable pest control professional if and when you need help, even audio recordings of termite sounds! (Ewwww)

We have a brief respite with the recent rain and chilly temperatures in our Sacramento pest control region, but termite swarm season is just around the corner.