Bed bugs are small insects.  Adult bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed and are flat with a red-brown color. Before they are full grown they can be hard to see as they are as small, about the size of a sesame seed.

The bed bugs food source is human blood and can live on one meal for a very long time.

Bed bugs don’t stay and live on our bodies, they usually hide during the day near where people sleep and then come out at night to eat.

Not everyone has a reaction, such as hives or bumps, when bitten by a bed bug.

Most bed bugs are found within an eight feet of where a person sleeps.  As the bed bugs reproduce, and the infestation grows, so will the area the bed bugs occupy.  Bed bugs can be found in any of these places:

  • The bed – in the mattress seams, box spring, bed frame, behind the headboard, and in bedding.
  • Behind wall paper that is peeling.
  • In cracks or crevices in furniture.
  • Behind clocks or pictures on the wall.
  • In the curtains.
  • Under the carpeting.
  • In hardwood floor cracks.
  • Behind switch plates or electrical outlets.

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