Another season have passed by and Fall is ready to give us a clearer sky, festivals and ants!

Like plant life, many pests die off in autumn as winter sets in, but not before many of them lay their eggs in a safe place to incubate until spring time. It’s not the case for ants. Fall is when ants start to make their way inside to find warmth and stock up on food before winter hits. As you know, ants infestation is an extreme nuisance at home, food contamination and ant bites are always present.

We would always want to keep them away during these days. To prevent ants by yourself, you can search online. There are lots of DIY’s (Do It Yourself) in the internet world now a days but I would always trust the experts in exterminating ants. Simply because I don’t want to take the risk! Professionals know it best, so before ants come marching to your door, stop them by giving Earth Guard Pest Services a call for an affordable and effective ant control.   916-457-7605