Thanksgiving has been celebrated since 1621, this is the time of year where we give thanks to all the blessings we received, most commonly after harvests and at other times. There will be lots of food on the table like roasted turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. And there will be lots of crumbs on the dining table as well as on the floor.

These crumbs will be an invitation that’s hard to decline by your household pest. Pest like rodents are known to have a mighty sense of smell, they’re excellent sniffers! Did you know that aside from their nose, rats have a second way to detect odors? The vomeronasal organ is located in a cigar-shaped passage in the floor of the nasal cavity, right next to the septum, with a narrow opening just inside the nostril. With this, your crumbs won’t get away with rats! Unfortunately, this gathering will be at risk as we get exposed to these unwanted pests. They can harm our health by food contamination and damage our belongings.

We, of course, wouldn’t want to get embarrassed by this pest on this special occasion. We can achieve a pest-free Thanksgiving this time if we got the best pest control in town.

Our highly trained technicians will utilize the most effective methods available to eradicate this unwanted guest from your home. Our Sacramento team of professionals will give you the assurance of total protection and a pest-free home during the Thanksgiving Holiday and throughout the year. Please contact Earth Guard Pest Services at 916-457-7605