Two nation-wide pest companies list Sacramento in the top 26 cities for rat infestation occurrence.  Roof rats are common throughout southern, coastal, and warm regions of the country, and Sacramento was ranked in the top five cities for roof rat infestations.

Roof rats are often tree-dwelling, and are more likely to enter a structure through the roof than other rodent. They possess superior climbing skills and will climb wires or trees to seek out points of entry, such as holes around soffit vents, cables entering buildings, or turbine and box vents on roofs. Once inside, they can multiply quickly.

Rodents such as the common the Norway Rat, are found throughout the country. Along with being in the top five for roof rats, Sacramento was listed in the top 26 cities for rat infestations overall.  Fall is an active time of year for rats and other rodents, as the weather turns cooler and their food sources begin to dry up, they begin to look for entry into more warm and habitable environments such as our homes.  Rats can enter your home through a hole the size of a quarter, mice can enter through a hole the size of a dime.  Since rats are excellent chewers, even if the hole seems small, they can chew their way in by making the hole bigger.

Warning signs of rats or other rodents include sounds of movement from attics or roofs (especially at night), droppings and smudge marks from oil or dirt in the attic, rodent droppings, rub marks along baseboards or walls, and sightings of pests themselves.  As all rodents pose potential health and safety problems, here are a few tips for prevention of rat infestations.

Make sure all firewood, debris and piles of stone or brick are kept as far from the foundation of the home as possible. Cut back trees and bushes to at least three feet away from the house to avoid giving rodents a place to climb in from.  Seal any holes or cracks larger than a quarter inch, to help prevent the little buggers from squeezing their way in. Put a thick weather stripping along the bottom of entry doors. Store food properly by keeping it sealed tightly in rodent-proof containers like plastic bins or metal canisters. Otherwise, rodents may smell food and break into weaker containers. Clean up crumbs and spills as soon as they happen to avoid leaving food residue or sugary substances that can attract rats and other creepy things.

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