Most of us have seen a trail of ants.  They scurry along in a line as if they were marching in a parade, but why do they do this, and how do they know where they’re going?  The answer, scent.  As an ant travels it leaves a trail of pheromones (scent).  Pheromones are their main form of communication, each containing a scent message that other ants in the colony can read.  They convey a range of information this way, and can even combine scents or use varying amounts to add detail.  This is what allows other ants to follow, it also helps the original ant to find its way back to its nest.

So a scout ant goes out, it scurries around searching for food and leaving a trail of pheromones to find its way back, like a trail of bread crumbs.  Once it finds a food source, it makes its way back to the nest following the trail of scent it on the way, and laying down an even stronger scent trail as it goes that will tell other ants how to get to the food.  When the other ants get the message, the march begins.  As time goes on the scent trail gets stronger and more ants join the parade to the food source, then back to the nest.

If you find a bunch of ants on your counter-top because your child left an apple core there that you didn’t know about, it’s important not just to clean up the ants you see, but also to eliminate the scent trail they made.  Vacuum up the ants and dispose of the vacuum bag right away.  Wipe up ant trails with soapy water to remove the scented ant invitation into your home, and try to seal up any cracks they may be using to enter the house.

Ants are everywhere, no matter how clean you keep your Sacramento area home or place of business, ants will find their way in.  Regardless of how ants get in, once they’re inside, ants can set up camp and start breeding.  And the problems begin.

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