Where there is food, there might be pests.  The most common pantry pests are moths, beetles, and weevils.  Most pantry pests like to eat grains, like flours, cereals, cake mixes, pastas and cookies, as well as dried fruits, beans, rice, nuts, and spices – pretty much the stuff most of us keep in our pantry.  Nearly any dried food that’s stored at room temperature can attract these bugs.  Opened packages that aren’t sealed well are prime targets, because they allow easy access, but many insects can get into unopened packages too.  Pests can make themselves at home even in the most spotless kitchen, because they often hitch a ride into your home from the grocery store, or from delivery.

If you find a pest in your pantry, here are some tips on how to deal with a possible infestation.

1.       Remove the source of infestation.  If you have bugs in your flour, throw all of the flour away in an outside garbage bin.

2.       Inspect other items in your pantry and discard if there are any signs of pests.

3.       Vacuum and clean inside cabinets, wall edges, and shelving.

4.       Keep your dry goods in sturdy airtight containers.


If a pantry pest problem has become persistent in your home, contact the pest control professionals at Earth Guard Pest Services.


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