At Earth Guard Pest Control, we care about your health and safety and the environment. We are proud to be an EcoWise© certified company and work to stay informed about the safest, most effective pest management methods available.

Our goal is to use the least-hazardous, most effective green pest control methods possible to protect your home or commercial property. To do this, we put together a comprehensive pest control plan, utilize chemicals certified as safe for your family and the environment, and provide extensive monitoring, accurate record-keeping and thorough inspections.

But being Green is not just using certified green chemicals. It is also understanding pests, their lifecycle and breeding habits. Our pest control experts focus on creating an environment that is not pest friendly, reducing the need for pesticides at all, and reinforcing our commitment to a safe and responsible approach to managing pests.

If the pest problem has reached a significant level, our pest control technicians will carefully apply the best chemicals for the situation, at a level intended to manage the pest problem without exposing family, pets, or the environment. In addition to chemical applications, we also utilize trapping, screens, door sweeps, caulking, and other materials that will exclude the pests from your environment.

Call Earth Guard today and put our Sacramento pest control team to work meeting your pest management needs with safest environmentally friendly pest control techniques and chemicals.

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