Controlling Ants – 7 step process:

Identification: Different types of ants have different nesting / feeding habits that should be used to help control them.
Find Ant Nests: Locating Ant nests is CRUCIAL, at minimum determine weather ants are coming from inside, or outside.
Seal Entry Points: Openings around incoming pipes, utilities, door frames, window frames, ect, should be caulked around to seal.
Pest Control Treatment: This includes treating ants at nest, and interior/exterior perimeters to prevent entry.
Eliminate Food Sources!: This will include aphids if ants are feeding on their honeydew. Remove all other sources!
Baiting: This can be the most effective way to eliminate the entire colony! One ant takes bait back to feed the entire ant colony with!
When Applicable: Sanitation, remove plants that attract ants (nectar plats), eliminate aphids, trim trees and bushes touching structure (these can assist ants in entering a structure), reduce moisture sources.

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