Gardening may seem natural but for most it is an unnatural idea. We try and grow plants and trees that aren’t native to our areas, in a neath fashion all the while trying to control bug and pest populations. Many gardeners are interested in gardening as natural as possible and using fewer chemicals to control pests.

Here are several options to reduce the use of chemicals in garden pest management and garden pest control.


This method works best for larger bugs and insects like beetles, and hornworms especially if you are in the garden at least once a day.


Floating row covers are semi permeable pieces of fabric that cover sensitive plants, but still allow the right amount of light and moisture.


There are many barriers that can be used to deter insects and bugs from destroying plants and vegetables. Foil can be used at the base of squash plants, to deter cutworms, plants can be surrounded by paper cup collars.


Syringing is just a way to say spraying water to remove pests and insects from plants. Syringing works best for lacebugs and sawfly larvae wich are generally found on roses.

When barriers, syringing and other creative pest control methods are not enough, contact Earth Guard Pest Services. We are a ECO WISE certified and green company and always use the least amount of chemicals and pesticides to keep your family, pets, and garden safe.

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