Like us most of our pets are glad the warm weather is here, its time to be outdoors and enjoy nature. As a pet owner you should prepare for an unusually pet pest filled season. Because of the mild winter and early start to summer, and late rains, ticks, fleas, and mosquito’s are expected to be especially active this season.

Dogs and cats can be infected with heart-worm which is transmitted by mosquito’s, this can also lead to lung and heart disease. Most pet owners know ticks are carriers of Lyme Disease, but ticks can also transmit Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Tick Paralysis. Tick Paralysis generally happens with the tick attaches to close to the animals spine. Fleas have also been known to transfer anemia, tapeworms and dermatitis to cats and dogs. These nasty diseases and conditions, along with these animals small size and quick breeding habits make them hard to control.

Protect your pet, family, and home with these tips.

Avoid walking through tall, thick grass with your pets.

Give your pets regular baths to detect and get rid of pests.

Vacuum, and wash their bedding and toys regularly.

Pay close attention to excessive scratching and licking.

Talk to your veterinarian about anti flea, anti tick, and heart-worm medications.

If you discover, or suspect a pest problem, contact Earth Guard Pest Services at:

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