Here is some great pest control tips for the handy man or DIY person in your life.

Duct Tape- Use duct tape, sticky side up in rooms or areas of your house that are experiencing a pest problem, an easy glue trap type of set up.

Lights & Sprinklers Deter Animals- larger animals and rodents are a nuisance, cause a mess, and can damage property. An easy way to deter these pests is to install motion-activated lights and sprinklers.

Ants- There is tons of options for home methods of ant control, sprays, traps, and pellets to name a few. Another way to discourage ants is to plant mint around the base of your house, keep in mind that mint grows incredibly quickly. Another option is to crush bay leaves and sprinkle on window sills.

Mosquito’s- Citronella candles, bug sprays, and other products are great for mosquito control, but lemongrass also contains citronella. You can grow it in clumps around the back yard, and the same for basil. Plus its a great addition to home cooked meals.



DIY Mousetrap- An easy DIY mousetrap is to prop a soda bottle up at a 20-degree angle, bait it with peanut butter inside the bottle. You can also add olive oil or vegetable oil to the inside of the bottle so the mouse doesn’t sneak out.
Drain Flies- Those little flies are harmless, but are pretty gross, plus they can turn into a huge swarm if not treated quickly. Pour a small amount of bleach down the drain and cover it. If this doesn’t do the trick, try cleaning the inside of the drain with bleach and a long handled brush.


If these home remedies do not work, or you have a more serious pest issues, contact Earth Guard Pest Services at: