We have some great bee removal and bee safety tips to follow this summer.

– Never try and remove a bee hive yourself, especially if you are allergic to bees. If you do not know whether you are allergic to bees or not, contact your doctor.

– To reduce bee populations, keep areas clean of food and standing water.

– Contact Earth Guard Pest Services if you contact a bee colony, and keep others away from it for the time being.

– Remove debris from your yard, bees use any available space to create hives. This will also help with other pests.

– Fill holes on the exterior of your house, caulk works great.

– Cover larger holes and vents with a fine window screen mesh.

– Keep shed and storage doors shut tightly.

If you find yourself being attacked by bees, protect your head, especially eyes and mouth, and get away as quickly as possible. If you suffer multiple bee stings, or have a severe allergic reaction to bees, call 911.

For removal of bees, bee colonies, and bee hives, contact Earth Guard Pest Control at:

[email protected]