Pigeon Damage and Pigeon Management

Exclusion– excluding them from structures that they use as nesting or loafing locations. Exclusion work is done by utilizing mesh hardware cloth or netting in screen eaves, vents, window, doors and other openings. Change and modifying angle of roosting ledge. Utilization of bird spikes porcupine wires and mechanical repellants will repel pigeons for many years.

Habitat Modification-Pigeon habitat modification is the elimination of food and water supplies, along with nesting and loafing sites to help reduce the pigeon population.

Frightening- Visual and auditory frightening devices. Not a long term solution. Noise making is usually disturbing to humans and have little permanent effect on roosting pigeons. Nesting sites can be sprayed with streams of water to disperse but this needs to be done persistently until the birds have relocated.

Repellants– Non toxic tactile repellants (polybutenes) They produce sticky surfaces that the pigeons dislike for them to find lodging elsewhere. The effectiveness will wear over time and will need to be re-applied.

Toxic-Only a last resort method. Utilization of avitrol in controlled food supplies.