Schools are sensitive places, housing our children, teachers, friends, and neighbors. With no room for pest infestations, or the misuse of pesticides. Implementing an Integrated Pest Management Solution has been catching on, and is the most effective and safe way to go. Integrated Pest Management is an ecological based strategy that maximizes the use of non chemical pest management tactics and reduces or removes all food, water and shelter available to the pests.

Integrated Pest Management Solutions Follow These Steps:

1. Apply inspection and monitoring practices on a regular basis.
2. Implement non-chemical methods as front-line solutions. These include, but are not limited to, prevention methods (i.e., sanitation, exclusion, pest habitat removal/modification) and physical pest management approaches (i.e., vacuuming, heat treatment, moisture removal).
3. Only as a last resort, use selective least toxic pesticides that cause low risks to human health and have no or minimal impact on the indoor and outdoor environments.
4. Provide ongoing education and training programs for staff and students. These seminars should comprise various aspects of IPM, especially on pest sighting procedures, good sanitation, hygiene, and exclusion tactics.
5. Establish a well-developed communication system between the school pest management personnel and the pest management professional (PMP).
6. Always provide a posting notice before treatment.
7. Establish a well-maintained Record-keeping system that includes inspection reports, pest-sighting logs, pesticide usage reports, etc).

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