Bed bugs, bed bugs, bed bugs! It seems this is all we see in the papers and online anymore when reading about home and garden, and health and safety. The explosion of the bed bug population is leaving home and business owners frustrated. The pest control industry is benefiting though, with an expected 5.5% increase from 2011 into 2012, and an expected annual growth of 2.9% over the next 5 years. These projected  growth percentages are also expected to increase the demand for licensed pest exterminators, and increase the amount of pest inspections across the United States.

Bed bugs in the past were usually confined to hotels and some residences. Lately they have been appearing in movie theatres, residences, businesses, and air ports. Along with showing up more frequently, they are more resistant to existing pesticides which is causing exterminators and pest control professionals to innovate how they deliver pesticides, and change the pesticide formulas.

Conditions are expected to improve over the next 5 years leading into 2017. Increased business and spending by consumers will drive the demand for regular inspections.  With an expected improvement in the general state of the economy, more people will be willing to spend more on professional pest treatments, instead of products from home and garden stores.

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