Everything has its place in the grand scheme of thing, but annoying, buzzing, stinging and biting insects don’t belong in our homes. Here are the 9 insects we find most annoying at Earth Guard Pest Service. If you are experiencing an infestation of these, or any pests, give us a call!

1) Mosquito’s: Itchy bites, annoying buzzing sounds, and they carry diseases.

2) Fleas: Tough to handle infestations, itchy bites on pets and people.

3) Midge/Sand Fly: Painful bites, and they attack in groups.

4) Common House Flies: Hang around our food, loud buzzing, nasty habits, and they carry disease.

5) Ants: Invade our houses, especially around food, large groups, very persistent.

6) Biting Flies/Horse Flies: Very painful bites, loud buzzing sounds, very persistent attacks.

7) Bed Bugs: Very itchy bites, difficult to get rid of, sneak attacks while you’re sleeping.

8) Cockroaches: Carry disease, allergy agents, breed quickly and often, large and gross looking.

9) Ticks: Hard to remove, feed on blood, spread diseases.

While these pests may be ‘hard’ to remove, at Earth Guard Pest Services all of our technicians are expertly trained, have access to latest pest control technology and methods, and have all been trained on breeding methods, and life cycles of pests, which allows us to come up with a comprehensive, integrated pest management plan to rid your home of pests, and keep you, your family, and pets safe. Contact Earth Guard Pest Services today at:

[email protected]