Bob wakes up one morning, looks out of his window to find a gorilla in his favorite tree. So he calls the pest control immediately.
The pest control man arrives in his van and says, “That the gorilla?”
“Yep that’s him”
The pest control man then opens his van and gets out a pair of hand cuffs, a terrier dog and a shot gun. He say, “Right, I’m gonna go up that tree, wrestle with the gorilla, slap the hand cuffs on him and push him out the tree. When he lands, this dog will grab him by the bollocks and hold him there till i get down, ok?”
“Yeah that sounds fine.”
He starts to climb the tree, when Bob says to the pest control man,
“Hey what about the shot gun!”
“Oh yeah I forgot, if by any chance I fall out first, shoot that bloody dog!”

Joke Author: Bob Freeman