Cockroaches are gross, they leave feces, secretions, regurgitation’s, exoskeletons, and egg cases in their wake, along with that awful smell. Along with being generally gross, cockroaches pose a health risk, affecting people with asthma, allergies, causing infections, food poisoning, and hepatitis.

Controlling cockroaches is actually pretty easy, don’t panic and follow these steps.

1) Roaches hide together, buy traps and place them around your house. Concentrate on area with foul odor, rust colored streaks, and along walls, corners, near plumbing, drawers, cabinets, and other small dark areas.

2) Depriving roaches of food is also a good way to rid your house of them. Keeping a clean and sanitary house is important. Sweeping, vacuuming,  and disposing of clutter of a good start.

3) Cockroaches are known to withstand just about anything but one thing they are susceptible to is dehydration. Fix leaky pipes, get rid of standing water, place screen over drains, or use drain caps. Also watch potted plants, and ponds, and increase ventilation to moist areas where possible.

4) Seal cracks, nooks, and crannies. Roaches can hide in surprising small spaces. Before sealing, spray roach killer in these spaces.

5) Make sure the outside of your house is sealed as well to keep outdoor roaches from coming indoors.

6) Kill roaches with baits, dusts, sprays, foggers, and traps. Purchase several different kinds and use as directed.

If you still find that you are having problems with cockroaches, contact Earth Guard Pest Services at:

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