Ever wondered about repellents, pests, fumigants, or herbicides? Here is a short list of ten common pest control terms.

  1. Pest- more than insects, mice and wildlife. Can also be weeds, bacteria, and viruses. EPA definition of pest is “living organisms that occur where they not wanted or that cause damage to crops or humans or other animals.
  2. Pesticide- any substance or mixture that is intended for preventing, destroying or repelling pests. Some common ones are insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and fumigants.
  3. IGRs/PGRs- insect growth regulators, and plant growth regulators
  4. Repellents- instead of killing the pest, repellents keep them out of an area.
  5. Attractants- ingredients that lure or attract a pest to a trap to kill or control it
  6. Pheromones- a type of attractant that uses natural or man made secretions of a pest to either attract or repel it.
  7. Registered Pesticide- EPA approved product, comes with license and registration number.
  8. Registered Use Pesticide- a class of pesticide that only certified pesticide applicators are able to purchase or use because of there possible damage to people, animals or environment when product is misused.
  9. General Use Pesticides- These pesticides may be purchased and used by general public but the label is the law and using pesticide in manner not specified on the label is illegal.
  10. IPM- Integrated Pest Management is an approach that includes a variety of practices.

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