Toady we have a follow up on our pest control terms post from the 9th of February.

Bacterial Degradation:

Breakdown due to bacteria. This generally refers to the breakdown of chemical barriers or could reference the ineffectiveness of a specific pesticide due to bacteria within the environment.


can simply be defined as the comparison of desired output and real output; and that adjustments are made so that real output equals your desired output


Cancer causing agent.

Carpenter Ant:

generally the largest/biggest ant found. Wood destroying ant.


When used on a pesticide label; chemical should be considered “slightly toxic.”

Chronic Toxicity:

The toxic effects of a chemical can be seen to reoccur or is reproduced over an extended period of time.

Complete Metamorphosis:

Refers to an insect which contains all four stages within their life cycle that includes, Egg, Larvae, Pupa, and Adult.

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