Few pests are harder to control and more annoying than the common house fly, which is found all over the world. Flies buzz around landing on us, our pets, food, and are generally annoying. Not only are they annoying but they can transmit a number of diseases and viruses such as E. Coli, and viral hepatitis.

In general flying pests are harder to control than crawling ones but here is a list of several tips to help solve your fly problem.

Exclusion- Like all other pests, the best way to control fly’s is to exclude them from your house in the first place. Check screens, weather stripping, holes, etc, this wont be enough to keep them all out but it is a good start.

Sanitation- Fly’s feed on decaying matter including food, plants, grass, and manure. You may not be able to keep 100% of flies out, but keeping your house clean is a great start to making it less inviting to fly’s.

Trapping- A multitude of sticky traps are available for purchase, usually they are insecticide free.

Zapping- Bug lights are still a great product for getting rid of fly’s but may end up attracting more pests.

Insecticides- Poison fly baits are available and will kill flies inside and outside of your home. The most effective ones are classified as restrictive use which means only licensed technicians can buy and use them.

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