Snails and slugs have been destroying plants in gardens for generations. Over time people have come up with many ways to control these snails and rid their gardens and yard of them. Below is a list of methods to help you get rid of your snail and slug problem. All these methods work to varying degrees, and will keep your plants looking healthy and hole free.

Hand Picking- This method works well, but is time consuming and you will invariably miss some.

Lure & Traps-

  • Lay a flat board on the ground
  • Lay Cabbage leaves on the ground
  • Orange and other citrus rinds laid on the ground
  • Prop one end of an upturned pot up and snails will gather inside

Beer or Yeast & Honey Mixture- snails and slugs are attracted to the scent of beer and the mixture of yeast and honey, they will climb into the container and drowned.

Dry Dog & Cat Food- Snails and slugs are attracted the scent of these foods, cut several notches in a pie tin and turn upside down with the food under it. The snails and slugs will gather inside and you can dispose of them after.

Copper Bands- Copper shocks snails and slugs on contact, it will create a barrier but will not kill them. It works well around tree trunks, potted plants, and around shrubs.

Scratchy Things- Crushed eggshells, sand paper, wood ashes work well as a barrier, but like the copper it will not kill the snails and slugs, only create a barrier.

Baits– snail and slug baits are available at local hardware stores.

If these methods do not work, and for all other pest control needs contact Earth Guard Pest Services at:

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