Bed bugs aren’t ‘caused’ by anything, they are brought into your home by someone or something that has bedbugs hitchhiking on them. Common sources of bed bugs are:

–          Bugs that came in on pets, clothing, and luggage

–          Items that were previously infested such as furniture

–          Nearby homes or items that were previously infested, this is common in apartments with connected duct works.

–          Wild animals

–          People visiting from infested areas, bed bugs can be on their clothing, body, and belongings

Bed bugs were for the most eradicated in the developed world after World War II, but the recent outbreaks and infestations can be linked to increased travel, as well as changes in pest control methods and pesticides. Every type of mattress, furniture, clothing, and belonging can become infested with bed bugs, some more than others. Memory foam mattresses don’t allow bugs to live in the foam which makes detection and eradication much simpler.

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