The Bluebird of Happiness has a new job, all natural green pest control. Research has shown that this native Californian bird nests in tree cavities and stays busy by catching insects such as grasshoppers, caterpillars, scale insects, wasps, termites, and ants. New research has shown that setting up nest boxes and bird houses in vineyards and home gardens will reduce and help control insect pests. As birds colonize urban areas the results for home gardeners is always positive.

In nesting and breeding season the bluebird has two broods with 4-6 eggs per, that equals a lot of hungry mouths to feed, all with pests that are detrimental to vineyards and gardens. To get maximum pest control results the nest box placement is critical. Try and face the entrance directly out into the garden, and avoid south facing entrances because they are likely to overheat. Remember to clean out the box occasionally and enjoy all natural and entertaining pest control.