With winter here you, your family and friends will be spending the majority of their time indoors. A heightened sense of awareness and desire to ‘go green’ has made many of us more conscious of what products we use in and around our homes, including pest control products.

Just like us, pests are trying to stay warm and dry. At Earth Guard Pest we offer a Green alternative to traditional pest control methods that will take care of any pest control problems you have while keeping your family safe and healthy. With an emphasis on going green in today’s society, being environmentally conscious relates to many things we do.

At Earth Guard Pest, we feel a responsibility to both the environment and our clients to provide the safest pest control methods and techniques to help you with your extermination needs.  We have many options available to us, and will implement a pest control program for your home, office, and property that is natural, green, organic and environmentally friendly.

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Natural Insecticides and Natural Pesticides

A natural pesticide is made of materials that our found in nature and useful in their current state for a variety of uses. Most of these pesticides are made from plants but several of the products contain minerals. Many people assume that ‘natural’ or ‘green’ means safer for use than synthetic products, but this is not always true. Arsenic, and asbestos are naturally occurring elements, and neither are considered safe for use around the home or office.

Organic Insecticides and Organic Pesticides

Organic pesticides are produced in compliance with The Organic Act and its regulations. An organic pesticide, like natural pesticides are made up of materials that occur in nature and are left virtually unchanged for our use. At a certain level almost all chemicals have a toxic effect on warm blooded animals. Just like natural products, organic products are toxic, just produced in a manner that complies with The Organic Act.

Are There Any Non-Toxic Pesticides or Insecticides on the Market?

NO. If a product kills an insect, ant, roach, termite, silverfish, spider, rat, mice, pigeon, yellow jacket, ear wig, or tick, then it is “toxic”. There are a range of products on the market that are safer for use around warm blooded animals, including your pets. Pests can also be caught, controlled, or eliminated with mechanical options such as trapping, screens, door sweeps, caulking, and other materials that will exclude the pests from your environment. However there are pesticides on the market that while toxic to insects and pests, are non-toxic to humans.

Are There Any Green Pest Control Options For Gardens and Outdoor Areas?

Even in urban and suburban areas people like to keep small gardens, which are generally close to the house.  Being close to the house can make them a point of entry that pests can take advantage of.  Along with gardens and property surrounding your residence, potted plants and flowers can also attract pests. During the winter months many people bring these potted plants into their residence, therefore pests are brought in too.

Pests such as aphids, larvae of moths and butterflies, leaf miners, scale insects, mealy bugs, and soil pests can all be controlled with natural and organic products. About 90% of pests start or spend time in the soil surrounding your plants, so it is important to realize just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t harming your plants.

It is also important to remember there are beneficial bugs and animals; frogs, lizards, snakes, spiders, earthworms, ladybugs and bees. These animals are actually beneficial in controlling pests and insects that are detrimental to your plants. We want to be careful that we do not harm these beneficial bugs and animals wherever possible.

How Can I Implement a Green Pest Control Program?

The idea of green pest control is not limited to only using natural and organic insecticides or pesticides. With no set guidelines for a green pest control program, the idea is to use a holistic approach that will solve your pest problem, while also maintaining an environmentally friendly atmosphere in your home, office, and garden for you, you’re family and your pets.

Go Green With Earth Guard Pest

We are proud to be an EcoWise© certified company and work to stay informed about the safest, most effective pest management methods available.  For more information on organic and green pest control products and solutions, you can reach us at [email protected]