The California Department of Pesticide Regulation just issued $400,000 in grants to educate consumers about the damage that can be done by misuse of pesticides to control ants as well as the danger of certain types of cleaning products used to sanitize child care centers.

A $200,000 grant was awarded to the Association of Bay Area Governments, San Francisco Estuary Partnership division for its outreach program, “Got Ants?”

“Most people don’t realize that pesticides used for ant control in and around their homes can affect wildlife in creeks, bays and the ocean,” said Department of Pesticide Regulation Chief Deputy Director Chris Reardon.

The program includes a social marketing campaign aimed at educating residents about Integrated Pest Management and ant control methods that minimize harm to the environment and encourage those using professional pest control services to contract with providers of green services.

Earth Guard is proud to be a certified EcoWise pest control provider, offering a selection of effective, green pest control solutions.

A second grant was awarded to University of California, San Francisco, for its green cleaning and sanitizing toolkit and educational program for childcare facilities.

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