Great article in our industry trade magazine re: pest control do-it-yourselfers. A study by Orkin found it depends a lot on what kind of pest is buggin’ you: “87 percent of adults are more likely to call a professional to control termites, followed by cockroaches (58 percent), rodents and bed bugs (56 percent), ants (27 percent) and spiders (24 percent)….

Our Sacramento pest control company often gets the call when do-it-yourself remedies don’t get the job done.

“What’s alarming is the amount of pesticide applied by homeowners compared to professionals. Homeowners spray everywhere and with increasing frequency and concentration in response to poor control results. Not only do DIY-ers expose their families to high levels of pesticides, but they often spend as much money as if they hired a professional. Read more at: http://www.pctonline.com/Article.aspx?article_id=42356