dCon’s recently released 2009 Rodent Risk Report ranks the top cities in the country at highest risk for increased rodent problems this year. The 2009 study evaluated factors such as deteriorating city infrastructures, increasing congestion, climate trends, and a new category of research – the nationwide economic downturn, including foreclosure rates.

The US might be in for the worst rodent season in years the Rodent Report said. The study was conducted by two world-renowned rodent experts.

The report found that with the onset of cooler weather and given that rodents already invade an estimated 21 million homes in the US annually, the rodent problem this year could be bigger than ever.
Here is a list of the top 25 cities.
1 New York, NY
2 Atlanta, GA
3 Houston, TX
4 Louisville, KY
5 Philadelphia, PA
6 Chicago, IL
7 Boston, MA
8 San Antonio, TX
9 Milwaukee, WI
10 Detroit, MI
11 Columbus, OH
12 Baltimore, MD
13 Oklahoma City, OK
14 Memphis, TN
15 Portland, OR
16 El Paso, TX
17 Nashville, TN
18 Ft. Worth, TX
19 Jacksonville, FL
20 Dallas, TX
21 Washington, DC
22 San Jose, CA
23 Charlotte, NC
24 San Diego, CA
25 Seattle, WA

Risk factors associated with major rodent infestation are at an all time high.
In the 2009 d-CON® Rodent Risk Report, renowned rodent experts Dale Kaukeinen and Dr. Bruce Colvin reveal how climate changes and recent economic factors such as rising foreclosure rates and unem-
ployment have had a substantial impact on the rising threat of rodent activity across the country. Is your city at risk?

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