PCT Magazine, a professional pest control trade journal, runs a lot of great stories that are applicable to any small business, not just the pest control biz. This one provides some food for thought about what it takes to survive this tough economy. Here’s an excerpt from the PCT article:

This declining economy certainly is affecting everyone, especially small business owners. And as I constantly interview them and observe how they confront the situation, it is clear to me that we are like turtles in a forest fire. We have two choices: 1) We can pull in our heads, necks and feet and tighten up and wait for the fire to come and cook us, or; 2) We can stick our necks out and run like hell in a different direction and make every possible effort to avoid the flames. Not surprisingly, it’s mostly this second group that you see out crawling around after the fire is gone.

It‘s a fact that a turtle can only stand so much heat. The problem is…it doesn’t come natural for turtles to run from trouble. Their natural inclination is to pull in their necks and feet and sit tight and ride it out. They just don’t like to stick their necks out at all. It makes them vulnerable. It’s taking a big chance.

After all, conventional wisdom says a running turtle is easy prey, but I disagree. Could it be this is one reason why 82 percent of small businesses fail within the first two years? Could it be this is why the vast majority of those that do survive the first two years are reduced to burnt turtle shells by the end of year five?

We at Earth Guard have been taking this advice, by upgrading our Website and expanding our online marketing, and by looking for other ways to build business.