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Sacramento’s Most Dangerous Spider

Most of the spiders we find here in our Sacramento pest control region are not capable of severely injuring we humans. But our area does host one of the most dangerous spiders in North America, the black widow, or Latrodectus hesperus. With the rain gone and warm...

Spiders Commonly Found In California

Some of us are terrified, some of us are indifferent and some of us keep them as pets. What are they? Spiders! Here is a list of spiders commonly found in California and some general information about them. The Wolf spider The Wolf spider preys on insects that are...

Restrictions on Pest Control Operators Help Prevent Pollution

Earth Guard Pest Services is committed to the environment, we are an Eco Wise Certified company and offer environmentally friendly integrated pest management. When ants invade, many homeowners take a big step and hire a professional pest control operator to get rid of...