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More About Pigeons

Pigeons are a dangerous pest control problem for many Sacramento-area homes and businesses! Once a flock of pigeons has made itself at home on your house or commercial building, it can be stubbornly resistant to removal, often requiring the services of pest control or... read more

Pigeons are dangerous pests

Pigeons are a serious pest control problem for many homes and business in the Greater Sacramento region. Our experienced team of Sacramento pigeon control technicians can respond quickly and effectively to protect your family, your home or your commercial property!... read more

What to do if Bedbugs invade your home

If you think your home has been infested by bed bugs, here are some steps to take: First, don’t jump to the conclusion that bug bites means there are bed bugs in your home. Look for other supporting evidence.  Here’s a video on How to Inspect for Bed Bugs... read more