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Where Ants Go this Fall

Another season have passed by and Fall is ready to give us a clearer sky, festivals and ants! Like plant life, many pests die off in autumn as winter sets in, but not before many of them lay their eggs in a safe place to incubate until spring time. It’s not the case...

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Danger from Ants

There are more than 12,500 identified species of ants in the world today. Some ants are calm, but some ant species, one bite or sting can cause you to black out or can even kill you. Some of them are as follows: Bulldog Ant - This ant is the record holder for the most...

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Hungry Cockroaches In The Kitchen

Why of all the places in a home do cockroaches love the kitchen most? Here's why... The biggest attractant for cockroaches is food. Food is everywhere in the kitchen, it's where we store and cook food. If a house or kitchen was already invaded by cockroaches, it will...

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Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider

Have you ever heard of an Arachnophobic (fear of spiders) but an avid fan of Marvel’s Spider-man? How ironic, right? Well, who doesn’t like Spider-man? We adore how he save lives of many people. His heroic act, his moves when he shoot his web to protect the innocent...

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Yellow Jackets are more Aggressive in the Fall

Yellow jacket colonies are started in spring.  An overwintering queen works alone until the colony grows as a first generation of workers emerge. In late summer, a new generation of reproducing male and female yellow jackets emerge to mate. A new queen looks for a...

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